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Now you can create a cover for your personalized Reportei report with information and themes ideal for your client Another novelty has arrived at Reportei to help you create your personalized report: the possibility of adding and customizing its cover , so that it fits your client's needs. In a few minutes, you align the identity of your report with that of the company, and you can save this template to be used later whenever you need it. Below, we show you the complete step by step to use this functionality.

Check out How to add a cover to Job Function Email Database reports As you already know, our tool is full of resources to create the ideal report for each client , being able to reorder and add metrics, organize the channels according to the funnel and add analyzes with their interpretations of the data. Now, you can also customize the cover of the report, and the step by step for that is very simple. Just access the “Header Settings” button in the upper right corner of the document . After that, a column with options will appear on the left side, so you can change templates, texts, logo and theme.

Reported step by step customize cover Template and texts The first option to create a personalized cover for your Reportei report is the definition between the template and the texts that will compose your header. In this way, you can: Make the header behave like a cover , turning it into an A4 version for printing, if the report is presented that way to the client; Unlink cover title and subtitle with report name , so you can customize these two texts according to the most important information; Show analysis period , to define if you want to show this data or not. Templates and text in Reportei reports Soon In this second field, you can choose whether or not to show the company's logo on the cover of the report, as well as define the format in which it appears.
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